Celler del Roure


'Safra' Mandó-Arcos 2021


4 ha of 20 year-old plantings selected from Parotet: the saved, now-mature rebirth of Mandó (with a little Arcos). 30% whole bunch, 12 days maceration, fermentation in stainless, 6 months lees-ageing in 2800 litre ‘mud jars’. Slow, gentle elaboration yields a fluid, lively Mandó. It’s named for saffron, and references Southern Mediterranean Spain’s connection with Northern Africa as much as Europe.

More herbal-vegetal than Vermell, but remaining in a red fruit-and-earth spectrum. It's brightly red and floral without any annoying fruitiness. Touches of salinity, fennel, pollen, sage and quinine bark. The more mature vines yield a savoury, leathered tannin of great poise without impact. Soft, noble mature vine acidity does what you want it to do. It has spice, space and poise - just let it happen.