Celler Del Roure

Established in 1996, Celler del Roure's sandy-loam vineyards are at 600m altitude, nestled under Sierra La Solana. The nearest town, Moixent, is an hour or so south-west from Valencia. Apart from being lovely wines, the Celler del Roure story is one of a return to history: this area has a 2400 year culture of winemaking from locally adapted varieties. Apart from the aberrant 20th century, 2300 years of this was a legacy of fermentation and ageing in amphorae. The underground winery was first excavated 300 years ago and houses 97 buried amphorae ranging from 600-2800 litres. Abandoned in the dark days of the 1930s, the Catalayuds are busy renovatig this special cellar and its amphorae. Of the 97 ancient jars, 20 have been dug out, renovated and re-buried in the local agglomerado soil - a sand, limestone, chalk, and clay mix. Mimicking the maturation effects of barrel ageing without adding oak flavour or de-acidifying the wine, these renewed amphorae are part of a process of cultural renovation and rediscovery accompanied by the revival of ancient local varieties, until nearly recently lost: Verdil Blanco and Mandó Tinto. Most of the vineyards were planyed in the 1990s and are aged around 20 years, with the first production in 2000.

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