Celler del Roure


'Les Prunes' Mandó Blanco 2019


A blush Mandó called 'les Prunes' from 100% free run juice drained off before pressing. The early harvest juice was virtually white, and the pinkish hue in the textured, acid-electric finished wine is from controlled oxidation, after inox fermentation before 6 months underground ageing in 2800 litre terracotta. It's called 'les prunes' for the lovely smell of not-yet-ripe wild plums on a summer evening... the smell, more or less, of when you want to drink it!

Pomelo, strawberry flowers, cherry and orange rind with an open flowing movement and a chalky tannin-phenolic character. The finish whips into line with a slight astringent wiry-wild thyme hit and grape fruit acidity.