Manuel Antonio de la Riva

Marco de Jerez

'La Riva' Manzanilla Pasada, Pago Balbaína Alta


This wine is from a Jerez pago, handled in Sanlúcar. The fruit is from 'La Blanquita' vineyard within Balbaína Alta, 9km in from the sea at about 65km and the most coastal vineyard of the Jerez zone. The wine has an average age of about 10 years (twenty botas were left without withdrawl and freshening for 6 years). Only 2,000 bottles of Pasada will be drawn, before this solera is allowed to naturally on-mature until it is Amontillado.

A lead-off rip of salty ozone quickly gains a bronzed oxidative touch in a nose of yellow apple, hay and chalk. Dry (unsweet) caramel, salted of course, hay and rosemary run through a palate which is both earthen and maritime. It’s very elegant, fresh and vertical, super saline. There’s basil-anise along with all the saline, bitter to finish with a deep perfume of old straw.