Manuel Antonio de la Riva

Manuel Antonio de la Riva was a winery in the historical 'Sherry Triangle', founded in 1858 by the aponymous Manuel Antonio de la Riva, and enjoyed great commercial success due to the quality of the wines. More than a century after Manuel Antonio established the winery, it was bought by Domecq, who added the solejares from La Riva to some of their best wines. Regrettably, with the decline and devaluation of Jerez after the 1960s, Domecq slowly began eliminating the brands of La Riva until, finally, it ceased to exist as a winery and the brand names were owned by Beam International. At the moment, Luis Pérez (founder of Bodegas Luis Pérez) began his professional trajectory, working as a winemaker in several of the Domecq subsidiaries. Luis learned the vineyards, practices and wines of the Manuel de la Riva brands just before they were deleted. With the historical guidance of Luis to guide them, next generation winemakers, Willy Pérez (son of Luis) and Ramiro Ibáñez decided to recuperate the brand and its historical wines before they became entirely forgotten. Willy and Ramiro brought back the rights to the de la Riva brands in 2017, and have since negotiated access to some of the famous plots which were source to them. The heart of the project is recuperating the Manuel Antonio de la Riva Blanco.

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