Manuel Antonio de la Riva

Marco de Jerez

'La Riva' Manzanilla Fina, Pago Miraflores Baja


Grown on a combination of lentejuelas, lustrillos and some parda in the Casilla Verde vineyard, within the Sanluqueño Pago, Miraflores Baja, just 5km in from the Atlantic coast. The grapes have great acidity and a very slow evolution. Dynamically raised in a system of just 12 bota organised as a soleraje of one criadera and one solera by almacenista Luis del Rio, with an age of 3 ½ years. Bottled once annually.

Ash, oil, citrus, intense but fresh. Willy describes it as having a low tide’s petroleum smell (baja mar). Highly saline, light to finish with good body and expression mid-palate. Anise, basil, hydrocarbon, classical!