Corta y Raspa

Marco de Jerez

Vino de Pasto, parcela la vinya de los esbaratos (pago miraflores baja) 2020


Miraflores Baja
300 botellas
By Dani. Made, as all Corta y Raspa wines are, in very old bota. Fermented, taken off lees in December and aged in filled bota for 12 months without velo de flor. This 65yo vineyard of lustrillos and lentejuelas is mainly planted to the old local cultivar Palomino de Jerez.

A wine of good volume with nice stretch, saline freshness and a sense of Miraflores’ open fluidity. Good skin concentration plays out as pickled cumquats, with old marigolds, a lick of chalk and smoky blue steel. In the run home, it turns deftly sour, running out on a lovely bitter herb tisane. The gentle release approximates a smile.