Corta y Raspa

Marco de Jerez

Vino de Pasto, parcela la vinya de charanga (pago mahina) 2020


Pago Maina
1,500 bottles
By Antonio. A little Jerezano muscle in Sanlúqueño pago of 
Albarizas barajuelas.

Low acid but very ‘sapid’, the freshness here results from Maina having the highest concentration of diatoms in any Pago. Lively-almost-crunchy thanks to the ‘limey’ chalk, it’s a wine of delicate power. Golden flowers, chalky funk, spice and brassy honey lift out of a wheat and white tannin base. Then an array of amargo touches: bitter herb, melon casing, pickled ginger, sliced lemon skin and a grapefruit stretch. It’s the most structured of the Mayetos wines: beautifully defined with an easy release into a fine pollen-floral memory and a signature touch of seville orange nougat.