Corta y Raspa

Marco de Jerez

Palomino do Pasto de Parcela ‘la Charanga’, Pago Maina 2020


Corta y Raspa are a collective brand, made of 4 wine makers representing a singlular stand of a lost ID, making village wines from distinct parcelas within Sanlúcar de Barrameda’s Atlantic Pagos called Vino de Pasto. 

Stylistically, these Vino de Pastos low-cropped, high quality Palominos reflecting specific
terroirs, lightly augmented by bodega ageing. By way of level playing field, each of the Corta y Raspa wines are aged identically, for about a year in old bota, fully topped, without flor.

Antonio Bernal Ortega has parcela ‘Viña La Charanga’ in Pago Maína. In his 40s, he’s a 4th generation grower working 35yo vines in the Barajuelas of Maína, yielding relatively potent Vino Sanlúqueño.

Low acid but very ‘sapid’, the freshness here results from Maina having the highest concentration of diatoms in any Pago. Lively-almost-crunchy thanks to the ‘limey’ chalk, it’s a wine of delicate power. Golden flowers, chalky funk, spice and brassy honey lift out of a wheat and white tannin base. Then an array of amargo touches: bitter herb, melon casing, pickled ginger, sliced lemon skin and a grapefruit stretch. It’s the most structured of the Mayetos wines: beautifully defined with an easy release into a fine pollen-floral memory and a signature touch of seville orange nougat.