Bodegas Roda

Rioja (Haro)

'Cirsion' Tempranillo 2019


First released in 1998, Cirsion is Roda's in-vineyard tannin selection project. Cirsion (Latin for the thistle, which is Roda's logo) is based on a theory of tannin development in perfect old vine Tempranillo. Under exceptional conditions (not mere hyper-ripening), Roda are able to identify very small parcels which naturally exhibit 'long-chain' (ie 'wine-like') tannins in berry, rather than the more usual model of softening shorter brittle tannins with barrel and bottle maturation. This should not connote a soft-fruity-round wine, however. Cirsion is a very serious, concentrated, complex, powerful beast – but this power, extract and expression is amazingly harnessed by the full, unbelievably supple tannin structure. A 'grand cru' anywhere in the world.

Violet petals in a world's-deep nose of sumptuous blue fruit, red spices, sweet earthen blackberry pips and great fruit sweetness, really composed not at all shouty. Tannin that is 3 or 4 levels deep; wonderful depth and great long draw out with pippy sweet acidity.