Ro-Da is the contraction of the surnames of the two owners, Mario Rottlant and Carmen Daurella. (Note that their wonderful extra virgin olive oil, Dauro, uses their surnames' starting letters in reverse.) Since 1987, they have sought to establish a unique expression of Rioja, based on 17 different vineyards of old vines in poor soils (a mixture of sandstone and clay/limestone) all with long histories in quality Rioja wine growing. Roda's main vineyards are in the Estacion district near Haro. For the first years, no wines meeting their intentions were achieved, but Roda has successfully released wines since 1992, starting with Roda 1 and Roda (aka Roda 2, 1992-2001), which have been produced each year since, save 1993 when only Roda 2 was produced. In 1998, these were joined by the deluxe 'Cirsion' and since 2008, a young vines wine, 'Sela'.

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