Corta y Raspa

Marco de Jerez

Corta y Raspa Vino de Pasto, parcela la vinya de atalaya (pago atalaya) 2019


Pago Atalaya
650 botellas
By Manu. Atalaya abutts urban Sanlúcar inland towards Jerez. Soil is 
lentejuelas, 75% chalk, grey with pale clay. Sharp-lined wines; both more power and acidity than Miraflores.

Steely and wheaty (slightly green like the smell of the head of an almost ripe wheat flower just before harvest), a gentle wash of lemon, a touch of wirey herb. Chalky white tannin gives delicate structure, with pebble-in-riverbed flow, a touch of spice and a trickle release. The structure is great ... it’s just a line organising dancing, floating, rotating fruit which arabesques around it to the finish.