Corta y Raspa

Marco de Jerez

Palomino de Parcela ‘Viña de Los Esbarataos’, Pago Miraflores Baja 2021


Corta y Raspa are a collective brand, made of 4 wine makers representing a singlular stand of a lost ID, making village wines from distinct parcelas within Sanlúcar de Barrameda’s Atlantic Pagos called Vino de Pasto. 

Stylistically, these Vino de Pastos low-cropped, high quality Palominos reflecting specific
terroirs, lightly augmented by bodega ageing. By way of level playing field, each of the Corta y Raspa wines are aged identically, for about a year in old bota, fully topped, without flor.

Daniel (Dani) Rodríguez Garcia works Viña de Los Esbarataos, a parcela in Pago Miraflores Baja. Nearing 40, he’s a 5th generation grower, with 65yo vines on Lentejuelas and Lustrillos. Here, the sharp, vertical coastal wines have a distinct hydrocarbon tang of
bajamar (the smell of low tide). This 65yo vineyard of lustrillos and lentejuelas is mainly planted to the old local cultivar Palomino de Jerez.

Oceanic, with saline freshness, and the petroleo-bajamar funk smell of low tide. Basil blue-black in a wok. Ginger sprout, curry leaf, sandy baked apples, a sour touch of herb tisane. Spiced pollen, subtle orange in the marine blues, old marigolds, a lick of chalk. Gently wheaty, delicately round, open and fluid. Ovoid, hovering, light-footed. A finish like a smile.