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Established in 2001, The Spanish Acquisition is a specialist importer and wholesale distributor of Spanish and Portuguese wines, spirits and beer. TSA is owned and run by writer, educator and all-round wineguy, Scott Wasley. Observing a void, Scott set out to become Australia's first and resident expert in all things Spanish-and-wine. The birth of TSA coincided with the emergence of modern Spanish wine as a prominent feature of the international wine scene.

Sherry Videos

Scott Wasley from The Spanish Acquisition presents eight videos on all you need to know about Sherry. 

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Latest News

Meet the Maker - Jurgen Wagner from Celler Capcanes visits Australia

We are genuinely pleased introduce you to a significant figure in the contemporary Spanish wine scene, Jurgen Wagner, from Celler Capcanes, DO Montsant. Jurgen is the maker of some of the world’s finest Garnacha-Grenache.

Pereira D'Oliveiras "Not just the biggest collection of old wine in Madeira, but in the world of wine, and by a long way"

We are delighted to introduce Pereira D’Oliveira Madeira Wines. These wines are extraordinary in depth and quality, and our launch offer includes the release of some extremely old Madeiras in very limited quantity.

The wines of Alicante

Alicante is the driest Spanish wine region, with 300mm or so rainfall per year. The winters are short and the summers are long, hot and nearly rainless. High altitude, however, with its dramatic diurnal temperature range, facilitates retention of acidity and the ability to maintain relative delicacy, definition and finesse.

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