Telmo Rodríguez

Castilla y León (Cebreros)

'Pegaso Granito' Garnacha 2020


The granite vineyards of the 'Pegaso Granito' are high altitude, but flatter in profile than the 'Pizzara' and oriented to the north. The cold mineral soil and cool orientation really does promote amazing finesse and delicacy in the fruit of these 100 yo+ vase pruned bush vines.

Orange juice and Tahitian lime enliven the nose, which has a layer of bracken over pimentón-spiced tiny red berry fruit, with dried rose and briar. There’s good volume on entry to the palate, which is long, subtle and balanced, forming a delta fan out and back in the mouth, without ever getting big. The large, older barrels used are perfectly integrated with the old wood character of these centenarian vines –careful extraction has promoted delicacy and harmony, where too often such characters become caricatures; very long-lived.