Mas Doix

Priorat (Poboleda)

'Salanques' Garnatxa-Carinyena 2019


Salanques is a Catalan name for Salix (in latin), the llex or Holm Oak tree grows plentifully along the banks of Riu Siurana. Composition is Garnatxa 65%, Carinyena 25%, Syrah. The fruit comes from old vines with 10 metres of vine root depth, yielding 500g/vine or 2 vines/bottle. Before crush it's berry selected, then aged 14 months in aged French oak, bottled unfined, unfiltered. The acidity of Mas Doix wines is terrific.

Purply and floral, tangy berries over a memory of sweet soil. The mouthfeel is of excellent sweet tannin, edged by cold mineral rock freshness giving the wine a straightening line. There's an OJ jolt and between the minerality and acidity it's all just 'tang, tang, tang'. With time in bottle, Salnques takes on a deep soft earthen 'shroom perfume, expressing the honied mineral of llicorella in a gently structured wine of great poise, fresh and mineral with fine acid.