Sara i René Viticultors

Montsant (Falset)

'Dido' Macabeu-Garnatxa Blanca 2020


50% Macabeu, 40% Garnatxa Blanca, 10% Cartoixa/Garnacha Gris. 70% is aged in 500-4000 litre wood, 30% in clay Tinajas - 3000 litre amphorae made from clay mined on the western fringe of Priorat and cast to Rene's specification. Peachy perfume over soil, full and warm, really textural ... Boiled sweets, wax, straw, barley water, verbena hedge flower. Warm, soft, waxy-spicy, good movement and no cloy. Sandy, elegant with some nice honey-rich spiciness.