Sánchez Romate

Marco de Jerez

Fino 'Perdido'


This is an 8 year old Fino-Amontillado from 3 tiny soleras totalling just 15 bota; Perdido refers to a 'lost style' of Fino, largely forgotten since the advent of modern technology. Ultra-white Manzanillas and Finos as we know them are technological styles only possible since the 60's with the advent of sterile chill filtration and stainless steel handling.

Prior to that, all 'Finos' were darker and more oxidative, brassier and nuttier ... a little like this new example. Being very lightly filtered, it's also as close to a commercial 'Fino en rama' (raw, ex barrel) as is possible.

Honey-gold-brass in colour, it smells of fine old toffee, gingerbread, wattle grove. The palate of toasted almond & wattle toffee is gently liquorous and very dry - plush at the centre with great sherryish snap at the rim.