Sánchez Romate

Marco de Jerez

Amontillado 'N.P.U.'


Romate is a middle sized sherry house, with 70 hectares of the best white albariza soils of Jerez on the famed Pago Balbaína, about 8 km west of Jerez towards Sanlúcar. This is an area of gentle rolling hills, with situation being critical – altitude and aspect are highly influential in the possibility of growing truly 'fino’ fruit. The friable chalk soils are very deep and humid, retaining moisture like a sponge, allowing un-irrigated Palomino to grow roots up to 20m deep (the first 6 or so being albariza chalk).

20 years of barrel ageing includes seven years of its life becoming a mature Fino Marismeño. It’s pretty and elegant: mahogany, hazelnut and roast almond mingle in a dry, spicy palate with a trace of green olive. Very, very long, a close to perfect Amontillado: achingly dry and spare; fine, elegant, lingering and precise … JOY.