Sánchez Romate

Marco de Jerez

Cardenal Mendoza 'Solera Gran Reserva' Brandy


This amazing value super-old brandy is from a Solera commenced in 1871. It has a 'linear' age of 15 years. It begins life as white Airen grapes in La Mancha, which is then distilled via pot stills and aged statically (no blending or movement) for 2 years in old barriques. The eau-de-vie is now at an in-between stage called 'Holandas', although it technically qualifies as brandy. However, SR do not call it brandy until it has been blended into the Cardenal Mendoza Solera (3600 barrels in 8 Criadera plus the Cardenal Mendoza Solera itself). Brandy in butt is 36 % a/v.