Primitivo Quiles


Vermouth Rojo


A style first made by the Greeks in the time of Hippocrates, and flavoured by the Italian herb of the same name Vermouth. Primitivo Quiles have made this wine since the 1920s. It's bottled at 15% alcohol, which is 3% natural from fermentation, and 12% of fortification. 9 degrees of potential alcohol are unfermented, realising 150g/l of residual sugar. The wine base is Moscatel, flavoured with aromatic natural herbs - wormwood, sage, fennel, ginger, cardamom, and clove. This version is called 'Rojo' as the use of the Arrope (cooked sweet must) gives the vermouth a reddish hue. The Arrope also contributes to the sweetness of the wine.

Bittersweet, soft and gently herbal with kola bitterness and perfume at back after a nice soft fruit winey middle. There's some fruit succulence, some tannin chew, and a textural progress from stony, through nutty to bitters. Great served straight up on tons of ice with citrus slices.