Primitivo Quiles


'Raspay' Monastrell 2010


Raspay is a town near Monovar (PQ's winery home), and is home to the family's original vineyard. Fermented in large old wood, and then aged 24 months in older American oak, this is a much more traditional-oxidative style than common to TSA's selections. It's from very old, low-yielding bush vines. It's a fine, quiet wine, driven by woodiness, not just the old wood in which it's aged, but the wood of the old vines expressing through the fruit and carrying with it the memory of Mediterranean herbs - sage, black lavender, wild fennel...and there's a touch of clovey spice. There's a lovely perfume in the mouth, all savoury and cedary with those dried herbs, and earth. It's subtle, gentle and fine. It's also very quirky, and for some will be way too much about oxidative old wood handling, but we think it speaks largely of old school charm.

Priorat-like in it's beautiful earth-wood harmony, and featuring a lovely caramelised perfume maturity. Balsamic and peppermity, with savoury, cedary woodiness, and fruity relief - gently earthy red fruits, red apple over bright red cherry. Carries the typical fig-rosemary-date skin markers of Monastrell in a very elegant register with lift from cardamom and rose tea scent. There's a gorgeous skins perfume mingling, which rises from the mature spreading tannins and the palate is lined by lovely spicy acidity.