Primitivo Collantes

Marco de Jerez

'Tivo' Uva Rey de Chiclana 2018


A very rare local cultivar, one of nearly 40 varieties lost to el Marco during the 20th century (a few of which the Manifiesto 119 crew are recovering as we speak). There were just 75 vines left in Chiclana when Primi re-planted (1200 new grafts) in 2015. TIVO is the only varietal example of Uva Rey (King of Grapes) in the market (Ramiro has some in a Cota 45 blend). Fermented in old fino bota, In late ‘19 tasted this after 12 months in stainless with 12 to go and it’s now released after 24 months’ neutral ageing. ‘Tivo’ is a diminutive, or nickname of Primitivo.

Tivo first of all tastes truly regional … it’s a tutorial in el Marco. There’s talcy chalk, blue steel and wirey herbs, it’s lightly salty with good acidity and some gentle tannin roundness. It’s kinda “Southern Gruner” in style, with a green vegetal touch. The delicate phenolic structure is fine and clean, long and lingering, talcy, really lovely.