Primitivo Collantes

Marco de Jerez

'Socaire' Palomino oxidativo de Chiclana 2016


Aged 60 months, 24 in bota as with Socaire (2014 was the 1st of both wines) followed by 24 in steel, 12 in glass. To ‘socaire’ is to face away from damaging winds.

Weeeee! The nose here really runs, like an oat cookie on a spree! Spiced gingersnap, lots of grass liquor, and green pollen florality. Everything’s on a line, but there’s no tightness, plenty of space for aromas to gather and to haunt. Densely redolent of albariza, damp and salty. Salts and bitters prick the tongue and line the cheeks, while the mouth is left free to aerate it’s wild perfumes and dance them above the pebble suck chalky draw drizzling long down one’s gullet. Remarkable wine.