Primitivo Collantes

Marco de Jerez

'Socaire' Palomino de Pasto de Chiclana 2019


First released in 2014, Socaire is from old vines, fermented without control and aged 24 months in old, neutral Fino botas with no ullage, no flor. Here, Primi intends to further thread the wine with structure and secondary aromas. Socaire ages beautifully in the bottle, taking on a pronounced pasto character of dried maize, esparto and an enhanced azahar orange scent. The term ‘socaire’ is to take the lee, to shelter from strong winds.

Summer fields, wheat liquor, old marigolds, the rustling golden smells of corn plants after harvest. The tastes and textures are concentrated and dried like vegetable chips, glazed with orange caramel scent and herb spice low in the mouth. The palate is beautifully round and centred, leaving space for time and the warmth of one’s mouth to fan savoury earthen perfumes, complex and gentle at once. A truly contemplative, but not heavy experience.