Primitivo Collantes

Marco de Jerez

'Matalian' Palomino de Chiclana 2021


Unaged, made in stainless. The chalk in this pago is a variant of Albariza tosca cerrada, the nut-hard Tajon. With this wine, Primi simply wants to show the Palomino and the chalk, untouched, balancing white stone fruit with a subtle thread of chalk, rimed by atlantic salt.

Dry, linear and punchy, this is a fresh and direct wine, salino, delicately chalky with a melon tendril herbal line, and deeper touches of ‘bajamar’ (the smell of low tide) and a lash of marine fossil in an almost anisey register. For a ‘simple’ stainless wine, there’s no reduction and excellent openness: the weight is perfect and the wine has great ease of passage, with a thirst-enhancing chalky grip in one’s cheeks.