Celler Aixalà i Alcait

Priorat (Torroja)

'Pardelasses' Garnatxa-Carinyena 2018


‘For the donkeys’. These vineyards are extremely steep and stony, only accessible for tilling by donkey. 50/50 Garnatxa-Carinyena grown at just below 400m. Hand plunged in small tank (1,000 litres) then aged 10 months in aged 500 litre wood. The first Pardelasses (2005) was made for Jordi and Sussi’s wedding in 2006!

A gorgeous mix of red and black spiced berries organised through honey-pollen slate and lots of local balsam (cedar and herb, menthol and mint). But it’s mainly a sniff and a slug of slate; tobacco, licorice, sliced steel, scattered with grated dried plumskin. The gorgeous silty-dry tannins frame but are open, yielding, releasing to acid freshness. Elegant and fine.