Ruby Port


Niepoort has been an independent family business since 1842. Through five generation
the business has passed from one Niepoort to the next and in most cases the older and
younger generations worked side by side for a long period. The fifth generation, Eduard
Dirk Niepoort is now head of the business. 

Ruby Port is fresh, relatively young and fruity, bottled after 1 to 3 years ageing in ‘bulk’ (large concrete, wood or steel vats). The fruit is selected more for its soft red fruits than for tannin. It’s an excellent value drinking style and much preferable to Tawnies without indication of age.

It is a young, ripping red berry fruit-earth-spice style, that is just delicious. It keeps well for several years, although the wine will not improve with age. No decanting is necessary since the wine contains no sediment.