Navarro López


'Tierracalar' Joven Tempranillo 2021


This winery started as a simple family affair, founded in 1904 by Don Juan Megía Sánchez, and passed through the generations. In 1989 Doroteo Navarro Donado acquired the business and began transforming it into the modern, entity that it is today. Navarro Lopez sources fruit from its own 173 hectares of vineyards, of which 150 hectares are planted to Tempranillo.

Simple, cheap, correct. In light of some of the horrid cheap stuff around, it's good to see that the bottom end can provide the odd wine worth the time and the dime (cheap is often really bad value!). Light cola, cherry, animal hide and red fruits - surprisingly well balanced with nice palate spread. A mid-weight crowd pleaser, this has reasonably concentrated fruit, and lovely blood-adobe-iron hybrid earthiness. Good mouthfeel and very elegant.