Luis Anxo

Ribeiro (Arnoia Valley)

'A Torna dos Pasas' Brancellao 2018


‘A Torna dos Pasas’ and ‘A Torna dos Pasas Escolma’ are red blends of Brancellao, Caiño and Ferrol. ‘A Torna dos Pasos’ is a variant of ‘os Pasos’, ie is a pointing term, which translates as ‘a little part of here’.

A Torna dos Pasas is aged a year in 1-5 year old 300 litre wood. Un-filtered, not cold stabilised. The reds come from the lower slopes above Rio Arnoia.

This has a great nose: lovely ashen rose-floral red fruits, with bracken, garnet spices (toasted red fenugreek) and a hint of roast meat. There’s a touch of saline at the rim of a gently round palate, beautifully balancing fruit, ash, flesh and spice with gentle tannins sloping outwards and yielding to the saline-acid fresh rim. Super.