Delgado Zuleta

Marco de Jerez

'La Goya XL' en Rama Manzanilla


Goya XL is an extraordinary wine. Having spent more than 10 years under protection of the flor yeast (unimaginable in any bodega other than DZ), the wine comes from a small reserve solera of extra-aged wine which serves to insure the depth and integrity of the La Goya Solera. there’s any chance of the wine becoming weak, the special ‘Bota No!’ reserve of older La Goya is used to blend the wine up to spec. ‘XL’ stands for ‘extra large’ flavours!

The first saca (withdrawal from the solera) was made on September 27, 2012 after Scott tasted 'Bota No!' and became the first release of ‘Goya XL’ Manzanilla. bottled exclusively en Rama (unfiltered). 

Straight from the barrel, it is an extraordinary experience to taste – rich, golden and glorious, reminiscent of Mersault in a way, and best drunk from a large wine glass. The acidity of XL is an incredible, layered, textured experience: a line of secondary, developed ‘sherryish’ acid melds with the rich tang of Albariza chalk and releases into fresh, delicate primary acid tingling with a sweet rainwater liveliness akin to great Madeiras.

Rich, bright yellow, with gold hue. There’s a really rich nose of honeyed lemon and beeswax-candle with heady vanilla-bean and bourbon wood notes playing a supporting role. The wine is bone dry with snappy acidity giving balance to the fleshy beeswax, chalky Albariza soil-textured palate. Lemon-drop citrus combine with briney sea aromas and almond meal to give an incredibly well-balanced, very long, complex and textured mouthfeel.