Marco de Jerez

'La Fleur' Palomino Fino dos palmas 2015


This is a later bottling of la Fleur (click here to view), and is rated as a Fino ‘dos Palmas’, or fully mature Fino, bottled after nearly seven years of static ageing in a single cask, but before it’s streaked with any Amontillado character (which would render it as tres Palmas in style). 

Same process as the 'La Fleur' una palma, it's organic, hand-picked Palomino from 'Finca Forlong' in Pago Balbaina Baja, in Puerto de Santa Maria, grown in Tosca Cerrada Albariza with some alluvial lustrillo. After picking, the fruit is given 2 days of asoleo, is pressed, spends 6 months with lees in bota then 24 months under velo de flor.

Deep golden cereal liquor, incredible brilliance; the wine is pure wheat tisane, freshened by bitters, with the sweet taste of dry straw and utterly savoury