Marco de Jerez

'La Fleur' Palomino Fino 2017


Organic, hand-picked Palomino from 'Finca Forlong' in Pago Balbaina Baja, in Puerto de Santa Maria, grown in Tosca Cerrada Albariza with some alluvial lustrillo. After picking, the fruit is given 2 days of asoleo, is pressed, spends 6 months with lees in bota then 24 months under velo de flor

Cumquat, lemon rind, pistachio flesh, almond skin, salted hay syprup and parmesan tang. Iodine screams of the ocean's nearness. The fruit is vertical and electric with great complex acid and cut through with a plastery yeast line giving soft richnessa nd run. The Forlong bodega is marked by montuliensis, and their Fino has a good lash of wild, funky brioche.