Gutiérrez Colosía

Marco de Jerez

Fino del Puerto


Fino from el Puerto de Santa Maria is called Fino del Puerto. Raised near the Atlantic, Finos del Puerto have a moderate briny character and sit stylistically between Manzanillas and Finos. There are few proper Finos del Puerto left in production.

Guti̩rrez Colosía Fino is biologically aged, protected by thick coastal flor for over 3 years.

It's a very pale, lemony gold, with a delicate abalone shell-apple skin nose and just the right 'Sherryish' aldehydic edge. Bone dry, the wine combines wild herb and sea-spray sharpness with fresh dough and almond generosity. The palate is nervy, light and delicate; saline, with subtlety and persistence. This is coastal fino!