Descendientes de J. Palacios (DJP)


'La Faraona' Single Vineyard Mencía 2015


Only strict allocations of this wine enter Australia, please email us for an expression of interest. 

Faraona is single parcel within the Paraje of el Ferro, on a tectonic-volcanic
fault and laden with nuclear minerals. With its shallow basalt bedrock, La
Faraona is the highest hill in Corullon, ranging from 855 metres at the bottom
of the vineyard to 975 metres at the top. Very steep, south-east facing, planted
to 65 year old vines which struggle in just 30cm of (volcanic basalt, titanium
etc) soil and with just the morning sun for succour.

Grey and pale brown slate with quartz. Only worked (tilled by mule) one year in three. It was 50% Palomino when Ricardo and Alvaro purchased it, but this rogue variety is now just a trace along with a little Alicante Bouchet in field blend. Fermented in new 600l French oak, unfiltered, with total production of up to 2 barrels. In 2009, they had to cooper a special ¼ barrel to approximate a second barrel after a full first barrique!

Vegetal as always, spicy and very mineral. There is a dominant sense of 'Terroso' all-around earthiness radish, beets, pomegranate affect a bright, rich, fruity, earthy wine with gentle tannin flow lit up with spice and minerals.