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Priorat (Torroja)

'Les Clivelles de Toroja' Garnatxa Blanca-Macabeu 2019


Les Clivelles de Torroja is a vineyard on the high ridges of Torroja, in Partida 'Ferral', with very soft slate. It's Jordi's oldest vineyard, planted to Caranyena and is released as Vi de Vila Torroja. Aged 10 months in chestnut wood, 220litres and some French barriques.

Black strawberries, mandarin, llicorella and deeply herbal; tannins are full but gentle and acidity is fine and refreshing.

A concentrated fruit profile with so much to say! Green melon, meyer lemon - a true country wine with wild flowers weaving in and out, along with a nutty and saline edge. Touches of acetaldehyde, giving the wine a Fino feel... it's a white wine that keeps on giving, right!? Lovely rip of acid and plenty of structure behind this wine. Thirsty?