Cillar de Silos

Ribera del Duero

Tinto Fino Rosado 2020


With a bit of white in the blend (Albillo, Tempranillo Blanc and Verdejo along with
Garnacha Negre feature as minor blend elements along with Tinto Fino), the old school
local name for this style is Ojo de Gallo – chook’s eye pink! After a very short
maceration, the bleed of Silos Joven and some pressings wine is fermented long (25
days maceration) and cool (16 degrees). One of the extra-clever things about this
wine, however, is that they use it to balance their soils for the estate wine. The
Rosado doesn’t just bleed the Tinto, as a selection it effectively bleeds the heaviest clays out of the main wine!

The joy of pink - beautiful light red wine pared back but not stripped down. Not for describing, it's pure drinking pleasure, dry, soft, deep and clear. The wine has a really lovely line and nice gentle roundness yet is very light in glycerol. Pale pink, effectively dry at 3 g/l.