Castro Martín

Rías Baixas (Salnes Valley)

'Sobre Lias' Albariño en rama 2021


All fruit is hand-picked and goes into press less than 2 hours from picking. The fruit is given a whole bunch press and the must is chilled and gravity settled before fermentation in 16 stainless steel deposits of 9000 litres each, all with cooling jackets. Fermentation is seeded with their own neutral yeast selection, and takes place at 14 degrees over 3-4 weeks. After fermentation, the wine is statically aged on lees 6-8 weeks, with the possibility of racking if reduction threatens. Malo-lactic fermentation can usually be avoided (15% of the wine from the very cold 2013 harvest underwent MLF). There is a second cold stabilisation after lees ageing and after 14 days the wine is bottled.

This wine is cold-stabilised and released without filtration.

Beautiful savoury pear, with yellowed straw and apple cider on the nose, and CM's trademark smooth-fruited journey in the mouth. Almost certainly the most savoury CM yet, it is a little richer than usual, but the full-fruitedness is textural rather than fruity as such, with apple-skin fruit tannins tucking everything in and the lees ageing for savoury mouthfeel. Pear-apple 'two fruits' plus nectar florals and super texture, hmmm ... it's a dead-set beaut!