Casa da Passarella

Dão (Serra da Estrela)

'A Descoberta' Rosado 2022


Casa da Passarella was founded in 1892, before Dão was demarcated as a wine region (in 1908), and are founders of the region. Casa da Passarella’s founder, Amand D’Oliveira made his fortune in Brazil then returned home to found a winery (the eponymous ‘Casa’ is a Brazilian-style pile). Nowadays, Passarella is a holding of 100 hectares, 60 of which are
vine land (much of it around 100 years’ vine age).
The winery is in the Serra de Estrela – very high, cold and poor soils in the ‘mountain to the stars’, the pass separating Portugal from Spain. The climate is Continental, at an altitude of 600 metres and allows for long hang times, resulting in sleek ripe tannins, excellent acidity and overall freshness.

This is a dry pink blend of Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz, bled from skins, fermented dry and aged on lees for 5 months in raw concrete.

Filled with wild crackleberry herbs, this is an electric purpled-pink! Soft earthy berry fruit with a barbed edge. A sensational jangle and clatter of herbal cut clears any possibility of fruit cloy. A SMASHER.