Pepe Mendoza PMCA


Casa Agrícola Girónet-nat 2020


Little sister Girónet becomes +nat, thanks to very low intervention, in the form of the tiniest use of sulphur at bottling (total sulphites 33mg/L). The diminituve cultivar is ‘Girónet Delicadeza’ (‘of the delicacy’). Dry grown in ferrous sands, this too is from old vines (north of 50yo), yielding less than two tonnes/hectare. It’s whole bunch-fermented in 2,000 litre tanks without enzymes, clarification, filtration nor cold treatment. After a punchy seven day jaunt turning into wine, it’s aged in the same tanks for 7 months before bottling

Lots of pink floral-tropical and plum blossom aromatics in the mix of tree bark, licorice, anise. There’s a jolt of ruby grapefruit acidity, pepper and anise repeats in the mouth. Horizontal chalky freshness leavens darker botanicals, a bit like being in the ocean with warm and cold currents wrapping as you swim through. This has a wonderful fresh acid profile and delicate little tannins like scraped wood can do no wrong.