Bodegas Luis Pérez

Marco de Jerez

'Carrascal' PX Pago Carrascal 2014


On a separate vineyard in Carrascal, 'la Panesa', the Perez family grow beautiful PX, which is given 12 days asoleo, with the clusters turned regularly. Basket press crushing sees only 25% of the must taken to ferment 3 months in cask, and is then re-fermented the following spring, followed by 4 years maturation in four topped up botas (two of which went to vinegar). It's 100g of residual sugar and 14.5% natural abv.

Fragrant rice grass, soy and citrus, saffron tea. Incredibly delicate and lovely, haunting, pure PX, sweetness balanced with chocolate bitterness, honey at end, and the soil evident throughout. Wonderful citrus rind winding structure, round and open, spicy but gentle and easy with EXCELLENT acidity and all threaded together.