Minius Godello 2023


Our terrific O Rosal Albariño producer, Valmiñor are also active in Monterrei.
Here, Valmiñor’s winemaker Cristina Mantilla is responsible for a ripper Godello called Minius (the Latin name for the longest river in the region, the ‘Miño’)!

40 year old vines are grown in Oimbra on a mix of sand, schist and silty-clay soils. The Godello is de-stemmed, cold macerated for a few hours and fermented cool and quiet in stainless steel.

A lively golden yellow and nice and bright in the glass, Minius smells clearly of Monterrei's granitic sand soils and the golden orchard fruits one expects from Godello. There are hints of fennel, citrus and subtle florals too, and the palate is a beautifully balanced rich-round style typical Godello golden oil is cut with delicate herbal bitterness and there is excellent freshness to finish.