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'Corneo' Juan Garía Rosado 2020


Here’s an old vine, dry and very vinous Rosado getting its first ever release … meet Corneo! This comes from a tinly vineyard of 80yo goblet-pruned, organic Juan García planted in gravel and granitic sand at 710 metres altitude. Harvested Sept 17th 2020, whole bunch fermented with vineyard yeast, 48 hours maceration, then aged on lees in a new 500L Rousseau cask for eight months until settling to bottle. This was the only racking, and the wine had a very light sulphur addition at this point, then a very light 5 micron filtration to bottle. No stabilisation or clarification. 12.2% abv, 3.16pH, dry. The matador’s cape label image hints at the wine’s name. Á cornear is to gore … and then to bleed, into the glass, like a rosado, geddit?! Only 635 bottles made, nearly half of which we shipped.

This is a perfumed, incredibly interesting dry pink. Woody like last year’s old red apples, and indeed a tad cider sour, it’s delicately floral, with orchard smells, apple tree leaves, madder rose, hibiscus. The palate is incredibly fresh, brimming sweet-and-sour and ending with the chalky grip of stony minerality and neat fruit acid. The long, squeaky finish follows a gentle savoury fruit heart. Never strict, it’s light and has excellent linger and sliding release despite the utter absence of fructose or fill. The memory of raspberry nothingness in the mouth; a touch of wildness, only bordering on unhinged!