Marco de Jerez

Barbadillo 'Nude' Tintilla de Rota 2016


This is an un-aged red, expressing the fruit vibrancy of Tintilla, but more importantly harnessing the flashing natural acidity of this Graciano-like variety. Incredibly vivid colour, purple-inky, and bright. It smells as purply as it looks: a dense ultra-violet nose is run through with a briary heart-wood character akin to dried bamboo. There's a light woody spice (walnut husk or nutmeg) but inky violet is the tale. The blueberry-boysenberry palate is pippy-pulpy and snapples along a wirey-twiggy-leafy tannin thread that fans softly by mid-palate. Electric acid takes over and it's all zap to the end, whence a light cloud of blue perfume and a wash of tannin-memory spice. Bottled unfiltered. Total production: 2000 bottles.