Mas Doix

Priorat (Poboleda)

'1903' Centenary Garnatxa 2018


The wines’ names are the years in which this pair of centenary vineyards were planted, immediately after phylloxera (which arrived here in 1893). They’re planted on very steep llicorella at 350-450 metres. These old costers are meticulously harvested over as much as six weeks from mid-September through to the end of October. The vines have 18 metres of root depth and yield an average of 250 grams/vine … it takes 4 vines to make a bottle. The fruit is individual berry plucked, aged 16 months in fine-grained new French oak. 

Intense and pure, laden with angelica and steely llicorella, united by sweet flesh tannins of gorgeous red berry fruit.