Vintage notes: Cillar de Silos 'Torresilo' Tinto Fino

Historical Tasting Notes 

Cillar de Silos ‘Torresilo’ 2015

Really fine clay-cherry nose marries place and grape, followed by a sense of tobacco dotted with spices, like touches of anise in an Asian broth. Lots of character, but very controlled glycerol, soft fruit deftly structured, disarmingly effortless.

Cillar de Silos ‘Torresilo’ 2014

Very mineral, with brushy balsamics, clay-carob-mineral finish ... Beautiful sense of coming from the soil; wonderfully supple, juice is well organised over oak/clay/carob tannin structural core keeping it neat.

Cillar de Silos ‘Torresilo’ 2013

Oaky attacK, then carob and a fantastic flash of mineral, carnal but lively with great purple floral coda; round, very good harmony, nicely spiced, supple, round and well-edged.

Cillar de Silos ‘Torresilo’ 2011

Spiced purple fruits with lifted florals, deep earthiness and a fat line of gun-bullet-metal minerality. The palate’s red-black fruit interplay also has earth-carob-coffee-spice tensions wandering through the fine, long and open groove of this outstanding (and utterly typical) 2011. A beautiful open weave is held gently to great length by typical Silos nutty tannin and mineral acidity.

Honest. Really charming and compelling.

Cillar de Silos ‘Torresilo’ 2010

Unbelievably classy, natural wine (no, no, no - not that! … great wine that is unaffected and free of winemakery artefact, and delicious … with a necessary minimum of added sulphur). Delightful red-black berry fruit in a succulent tannin bath gain a wonderment of earthy complexors on nose and palate: red lavender and anise, briary-smoky low herbs, tobacco, wood fungus, betel, subtle licorice and gentle spices. The feel is a seamless juicy-savoury-nut-tannined-softly-spiced continuum with an electric barbed-wire acid thread.

Cillar de Silos ‘Torresilo’ 2009

Cherry clafoutis and glorious Ribera dirt smells … Spicy-sweet-sour berry thrills with tobacco, flowers, dirt, sky and more, and an aching thread of volatility gives the rosey-nose arc and reach. Such things repeat in a palate which is spare, suggestive, juicy and crisp, beautifully composed and unbelievably good. Redolent with hope in the face of experience.