Vintage notes: Cillar de Silos 'Estate' Tinto Fino

Historical Tasting Notes 

Cillar de Silos Tinto Fino 2015

Lovely pippy-spiced red-purple dazzle-fruit, earthen-cherry-clafoutis, fruit-tannin seamless nugded with good acid, darkness with free flow and herb relief. Tannin lifts and drives then releases into earth, acid and flowers. Minerals dazzle in the tannin.

Cillar de Silos Tinto Fino 2013

Electric, mineral, violet, anise and cold stone, spiced purples; a lovely squeak runs through otherwise gorgeously supple fruit, plush, fun, well-organised (this vintage is a special Estate blend, as it contains all the material which usually makes Torresilo, Flor de Silos and la Vinya de Amalio, and resultantly has been made with 60% new oak.)

Cillar de Silos Tinto Fino 2012

Blueberry, tobacco and hung beef - it's gotta be Ribera! Well, good Ribera anyway ...With a pronounced earthiness, cool and precise in line, low in fructose, elegant and fine. Not a wine of bigness, it's a lovely, pure and beautifully composed.  Dark cherry fruit is specked with tobacco, violet, purple spices and and peppermint. These meld into a fine carob-tannin line redolent with earth and wired on steely minerals and fine natural acidity.

CILLAR de SILOS ‘Estate’ 2010

If you can go POW! gently, then that’s what this does. The energy and nerve of 2010 is on full display here. Cherry in an earthy pie with mineral tang, blood and florals, silty clay and the lovely astringency of field herb oils. As harmonious as all get-out, it has exceptional maturity and wonderful freshness in perfect balance. It’s a prototypical Cillar de Silos palate with nutty, mild chocolately tannins and great earthiness melded with mineral freshness.

CILLAR de SILOS ‘Estate’ 2009

Classically 2009, it’s oozing with soft, generous natural extract and is fresh to finish, round yet naturally structured. Ferrous soil in lovely mature red fruits, with cassia and cinnamon bark woodiness, chocolatey roundness folds into nutty tannin and a touch of fresh acidity to finish.

As Oscar says, 2009 “is the book”!