Priorat (vi de vila gratallops)

Celler Cecilio in Gratallops is made by Blai Ferré i Just, whose eponymous wines from Masos del Falset are also imported by TSA.

Celler Cecilio

This small family cellar started post-civil war when a Valencian soldier, Vincent Cecilio chose to stay in Gratallops where he had been garrisoned and hand fallen in love with a local woman. He supported himself by becoming a bodega worker in a local co-op. Later, in 1942, he began working on what became the family vineyards, now tended by Blai Ferre.

CELLER CECILIO ‘Blanco L’Udol’ 2017 Garnatxa Blanca

‘Cry of the Wolf’ is simply made, pure Garnatxa Blanca: after a 6 hour maceration it’s pressed  to stainless steel, and that’s it … 8 days on skins with lees, then done. 

Orange balm, cereal, straw, very fresh and dry, nice white floral-mineral with a savoury edge. Good full mid-palate softens with powdery white fruit tannin and a herbal balm tug, round but fresh.

CELLER CECILIO Garnatxa Negre 2016

60% Garnatxa Roja, 20% each Caranyena and Syrah, up to 40 years old. Hand-harvested, natural vineyard yeasts, a long, relatively cool fermentation in stainless steel, 24 day maceration, clarified, unfiltered. TA 5.6 g/l, 44 mg/l sulphites.

Loaded with balsam underscored by rocky llicorella, CC Negre has great life and nerve without being ‘busy’ at all. Vegetal, floral and balsamic highlights lift from open-hearted red fruits softly snuggled into sooty llicorella darkness on the nose. This turns out to be ultra-refreshing cool, steely minerality in the mouth.

CELLER CECILIO ‘L’Espill’ 2014

Vi de costers. An ‘Espill’ (Espejo in castellano) is a mirror, so named for the shiny reflectiveness of llicorella at midday. 65% Garnatxa Roja and Caranyena, stainless steel natural yeast fermentation, 12 months ageing in older French barricas, unfiltered.

Gently mature and open, really good mineral-steel tang in the teeth, briary with a touch of spice, wall of tannin, dark and spicy, but gentle and releasing with plenty of bracken on the nose. 

CELLER CECILIO ‘L’Espill’ 2013

Touch of glace cherry, some meat, straw mat, purply and earthy, deep round earthy tannins, touch of spice in deft finish with metal mineral ringing.