Corta y Raspa

Marco de Jerez

Vino de Pasto, parcela la vinya de cuarenta (pago añina) 2020


Pago Añina
900 bottles
By Rafa, who 
has several parcels in Jerez’s most Sanlúqueño Pago. We are delighted to ship ‘Las Cuarenta’, or ‘Parcela 40’ (so-named because it measures 40 aranzadas), from the north of Añina at 70 metres. The tosca cerrada here is very chalky, 80% calcium, but low in diatoms.

Lovely, open and round, it’s a wine with a slow, deliberate reveal; savoury depth and spread easing out to an acid trickle finish. Textured with a patina of fine grains over a steely base, it’s sure, sleek, and deftly organised. There’s umami chalky richness, orange blossom and spice through typical Palomino cereal. A dry honey perfume of delicate white pollen lingers.