Marco de Jerez

'Las Mercedes' Palomino de Flor, Pago Añina 2021


Grown in Albariza de anteojuela, AèÏina is at the coastal end of the array of Jerezano pagos, and has a considerable poniente influence. 'Las Mercedes' is the Blanco brothers' little vineyard within A&ntiltde;ina. The wine is made identically to 'Hacienda de Do̱a Francisca' and 'la Choza', and bottled at 12%abv.

Mineral, open, gently oxidative, redolent of cereal. Deep, dry, and soft, it lays out easily in the mouth, with a touch of spice in meal and hay. Butter, grasses, shortbread, nettle, white peach, white flower. Volume leavened by salty minerality. It's really savoury and open at the finish with a tracery of chalk-brine wandering off into space... not a finish as such as much as somehow ending. Free-styling easily in the middle of a pool, horizontal, relaxed.