Quinta do Ameal

Ponte de Lima

Special Harvest Loureiro 2015


To make this sweet white, late-harvest grapes are air-dried prior to vinification, concentrating sugar in the must. This process takes several weeks from early November and the grapes are turned and inspected 3 times weekly to avoid rot and mould. The must is partially fermented in old wine barrels, a slow fermentation which stops in the cold of late winter. The resultant wine is 12% a/v with just over 100 grams of residual sugar. 600 half bottles produced. A wonderful, almost acetic volatility gives room to mandarin marmalade, salt caramel-butterscotch and plantain. Yes, it's viscous and sweet, but multiple volatile-sours dominate the sugar. It's creamy-foie-thick, wild-herbal tangy and utterly harmonious. If a wine could be Inception, this thing has a level 4 buy it and regret nothing!